Online Travel Agency (O.T.A.)

W2M is a global on and offline provider of travel services in more than 175 countries, providing hotel accommodation, transfers, excursions and tours, and handling services. Their main clients are tour operators, travel wholesalers, OTAs, bedbanks and travel agencies.

3 business lines and brands empower their partners, improve competitiveness of clients and deliver first class service to the travel industry:

W2M PRO: tour operator and travel agent booking platform.

W2M DMC: Incoming agency with 24 offices in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, USA and Cuba.

W2M API: wholesaler with one of the largest inventory worldwide combining direct contracting and the most competitive 3rd party product.

Since 2016, now expanding worldwide to the most important leisure destinations with own offices and local presence, also growing in the most relevant city destinations with top selling products.

Their direct contracting is based on key products with strong partnerships and commitments, delivering strong business to both accommodation providers and distribution partners.

Service and partnership, competitiveness and commitment are the pillars of the W2M family, a family of professionals, a family of people in a people’s business.