Mission and Values


Juniper is an Internet technology and know-how supplier that innovatively improves the marketing and communication processes between companies and their customers, allowing profitability to improve.

Corporate Values

All decisions taken in Juniper are based upon Values which the Management Team and all Team members know and support. These values are :

  • Aiming at Excellence: The people who work at Juniper are highly qualified and prepared to face professional challenges. The attitude of the team is clearly motivated towards excellence in service and continuous improvement. The environment in Juniper conveys the desire for continuous improvement.
  • Focusing on our Client: All processes and work-flows are aimed at satisfying our client’s requirements and at improving our client’s business. Employees must always have the client satisfaction in mind at all times.
  • Results Oriented: Juniper’s retribution and compensation system is results oriented. Juniper evaluates each project and employee for the objectives achieved. The projects are evaluated according to the added value they bring to the company and the impact they have on meeting customer expectations.
  • Team Work: In the dynamic and complex Internet environment, the ability of employees to work in multidisciplinary teams is critical for Juniper. Seeing beyond the primary objectives, considering how individual decisions impact the team and sharing knowledge openly and constructively are the pillars of Juniper’s work culture, based on cohesion and productivity.
  • Proactive: As a result of the confidence shown in them, the Team members are often given important responsibilities within the organisation. The Team is proactive in their approach towards their work, offering suggestions, new ideas, pointing out adverse effects that a particular decision may have, identifying new opportunities to improve the workflow across Departments, amongst other items.
  • Flexibility: The availability of Juniper products and services is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This implies possible lengthening of working hours, which Juniper pays for by offering flexibility to its workers.
  • Fun and informal environment: In Juniper we are aware that our greatest assets are our Team members. We encourage our employees to improve the quality of life of the other Team members, during working hours as well as outside these. The Supervisors are open and are always available to find a solution to any problem or assist in any circumstance.
  • Profitability: Juniper recognises that profit is an essential ingredient for the advancement of the business and for its success in Investigation and Development.