Web services

The XML Webservice allows you to offer your product to third parties, through XML connectivity, as well as through your own website.

In this way, your customers can book your products directly against your online database, through an interface that meets the standards of the tourism industry (OTA) standard.

If your clients (Tourism Third Parties) are selling through their own websites, you will be able to provide them with your products in an entirely transparent manner to them.

For Accommodation, we have 3 web services:

  • Extranet Webservice push: This Webservice allows you to offer Properties offering Accommodation that you have set up in the back-office/Intranet, the opportunity whereby the prices, allotments, Supplements and Offers are collected automatically from one of the Channel Managers (Rate Tiger EZYield, Rate Parity), where you simply add a mark-up. In this way, your staff do not need to input all of this information, and the Hotelier does not need to use your Extranet module to update this data. The Webservice can handle the same restrictions and permissions relating to the product configuration, as the Extranet.
  • Webservice pull: Your clients can receive descriptions, services in the Property, availability, offers, Supplements and prices, on the Accommodation you have in your own Data Base as well as on Hotels Supplied to you via XML connectivity, which they can then display in their own Websites as they wish. Your customers can make bookings, modify bookings (of your directly Contracted Accommodation, and of those external Suppliers that allow this), and cancel bookings. You can also have an integration against our own Webservice so that you can connect to other clients of Juniper, and add more products or destinations to your offer.
  • Tariff Webservice push: Allows you to push the rates and availability to those clients that want to use this information, prior to their customers making a reservation. It will always need to be complemented with the Webservice pull, so that when a booking is required, the solution will be queried on availability and rates at the moment of the booking, thus ensuring that the rates and availability that were pushed originally have not changed in any way, and so that the booking can proceed.


  • We follow the OTA Standards so that the intergration with flights can be offered to third parties efficiently.