Mobile Points of Sale

Your Representatives in Resort will be able to sell the services in destination that you want to offer.

The sale will be made through mobile telephones, smartphones or tablets, which use the Android Operating system, without limiting your choice of terminal. The Android terminal will connect via Bluetooth with a portable printer, which, as well as print a hard copy of the service voucher for the end Customer, can also have a credit card reader incorporated, with which the payment transaction can be carried out for the services purchased. The system allows for bookings to be made, even when there is no communication coverage, synchronizing the sales once coverage is re-established.

Your staff will be able to:

  • Sell excursions from an Android terminal with Internet connectivity(3G o Wifi) at any time.
  • Have your bookings in your system, even before the buyer has received their voucher.
  • Print the vouchers immediately, with the Bluetooth portable printer.
  • Payment via credit card, or in cash.
  • Make bookings even when out of Internet access.