Host to Host

The connection to External Suppliers (XML) is known as Host to Host, or H2H integrations.

Download the complete list of Juniper Partners Host to Host.

Host to Host

With our Booking Engine, your company will be able to offer in your own web page inventory and complementary products via XML interfaces with all types of external suppliers. In this way, you may offer a variety of services to your clients managing all in one single web page. If you wish, you may present your products through different sales channels, offering your inventory through web sites that access through their own XML interface.

The connection with external suppliers is known as Host-to-Host integration or H2H. This process is done dynamically and with total transparency for the user, through Juniper Technology. In this way, the user can see all the products offered by the connected Suppliers, filtered dynamically according to the business rules established by your Company. In this way, you can offer your customers a far wider variety of services and products that, until now, were impossible to manage from a single Website.

You can connect to:

  • Hotel Chains
  • Central Reservation Centers or Accommodation Suppliers
  • Low Cost Airline consolidators
  • Wholesalers
  • Regular Airline GDS
  • International Consolidators
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Destination Service Suppliers

This module will provide you with:

  • Total transparency: your customers will not notice if the product is from your own inventory, or if it is Supplied by Third Parties.
  • Easy Booking Management: with H2H connections, you can easily handle any bookings that are generated.
  • Growing number of Suppliers: as our clients request more connections, we continue to add these to our extensive list.
  • Combine with your own products: offer the products of external Suppliers, together with those products you contract directly, or package dynamically, your own products with external products. Choose the rules by which you want to offer your products.

You can download the complete list of Juniper Partners Host to Host and visit our new Partners section for further information.