With this module you can manage the sale of charter flights, flights provided through GDS (regular rates or negotiated rates), direct connections to airlines and low cost flights.

The charter flight module will allow you to enter the charter-flight company contracts and manage its inventory as well as to issue its tickets.

You will be able to integrate your own flights with the results of those GDS flights you contracted via xml connection.

The presentation of flights is completely customizable, where you can offer outbound and inbound flights separately, combined, and additionally, you can offer an advanced results filter that allows your customer to be able to select flights within a range of prices, departure or arrival times, or airline.

This module allows you to:

  • Online sale of products offered by airlines GDS systems or Host to Host (H2H) and sales of Low Cost Flights.
  • Sale of public rates and / or negotiated, configurable for flight only purchase or dynamic package products.
  • Sale of multiple GDS products and / or charter flights through a single integration (consolidator).
  • Sell charter + GDS product in a single flight combination.
  • Management of waiting lists and tracking reports to monitor sales and charter occupations.
  • Voucher for Airport check-in, IATA compliant pax list.
  • Search by flexible dates: calendar with route prices + / – 3 days.
  • Automatic ticketing and cancellation of issued tickets.
  • Management of tickets issued and BSP settlement.
  • Administration of markups by fare type and airlines.
  • Management of Service Fee.
  • Management of ticketing fees (airline commissions per tickets issued).