Month: May 2018

Juniper Webinars in YouTube: Clients always up-to-date in technology

  Juniper Webinars offer free permanent training to optimize Booking Engine performance, taking maximum advantage of each module and capitalizing on your investment. A Webinar (Web-based seminar) is a type of conference, workshop or seminar about a product or service that is made in an interactive way through the internet. As in any other live event, the […]

Juniper SUMMIT 2018, attendance record to our biennial event

The Juniper SUMMIT took place at the beginning of May, which summoned 140 CEOs, General Managers and Enterprise executives from Juniper Partners and Clients companies, in Palma de Majorca (Spain). The agenda of the event has alternated work sessions, presentations, interviews, panel discussion and networking sessions. The latter made it possible to reach 350 meetings between […]