Central Booking over 35,000 hotels spread out over 5 continents.

Founded in 1982, in 1996 it came onto the quality market as a custom Tour Operator. Currently,Restel is one of the world’s largest hotel booking services. It works with more than 50,000 travel agencies and markets a portfolio of 70,000 hotels around the world, segmented according to their typology: urban, mountain, beach and style.

Thanks to hard work based on a growth and development strategy, the company has positioned itself in recent years as one of the hotel booking centers with the greatest growth in all of Europe. Headquartered in Madrid, Restel also has commercial branches in Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Porto, Lisbon, Paris, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo and Bangkok. This structure allows Restel to be a leading force in the market place at the same time it forms a basic part of the Hotusa Group international development strategy for the coming years.