Web Design and Usability

Graphic designers and Usability analysts create your Website according to your preferences.

Juniper develops applications prioritizing Usability with the double objective of improving the user experience of your customers and making it easier for your team to manage the reservation system.

Our Web designs project a professional image, are commercially effective and are optimized for search engines. Juniper makes your Web the perfect tool to achieve your business objectives by following this process:

  • We analyze what is the main objective of your website: to make yourself known, sell products and services, update you, offer new services, attract more customers, etc.
  • We identify the audience that will visit the site (target audience) to know how we should communicate through the Web.
  • We apply our creativity to create a Web design in accordance with the personality and style of your company.
  • We organize the contents in a functional way, combining all the elements to shape the site as a coherent whole.

Juniper criteria for the design of Websites:

  • Functionality and usability (UX)
  • Contents
  • Technology
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Navigation
  • Corporate Image

Your users will quickly and comfortably access the information on your website, improving productivity through:

  • Visitors return
  • End users’ satisfaction increase
  • Transaction Optimization
  • Conversion of visitors to customers
  • Brand recognitionincrease