Veturis is a wholesale travel agency that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. It is one of the leading agencies in the sector, thanks to its extensive experience in the travel industry and its commitment to innovation and technology.

Their proximity and the quality of their service have earned them the trust of more than 28,000 agencies in 90 different countries.

They have their own tool for agencies that allows access to their wide portfolio of products and services around the world: +355,000 Hotels located in +32,000 destinations in 190 different countries, with direct contracting in more than 70 of them. Transfer, Cruises, Train + Hotel, Vacation Packages and Leisure covering all types of activities and tickets.

Its vision is based on being efficient in order to generate value for its clients on an ongoing basis, with the desire to remain in time with people who are involved and committed. All of this is based on values such as perseverance, non-conformity, innovation and proximity.