Channel Manager

BookLogic was founded in 2004 by IT engineers with a background in hotels and a vision to maximize online and offline revenues for hotels and other accommodation providers, through customizable software solutions.

Today, it has 3 offices in Germany, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, and has built up a network of 200 partners globally, establishing itself firmly as an industry leader offering the latest hotel and travel distribution systems and marketing services.

Powered by next-generation technology, and the expertise to improve on proven revenue maximizing principles, Booklogic now offers 13 different products and services more than 6000 clients in over 50 countries with an estimated 5 million rooms offered daily through our advancedcentral reservation and distribution systems.

It has achieved the following milestones in its services offering since inception:

  • GDS and IDS connectivity solutions for hotels
  • Booking engine technologies for hospitality and travel domains
  • Channel management and internet distribution technology
  • Other revenue maximizing solutions such as rate shopping tools and reputation management systems
  • Marketing services including content management system for hotel websites, search engine optimization, PPC management, Adwords and social media marketing.