Lots of Hotels


Lots of Hotels was established in Dubai in 2012, a subsidiary of Webjet, Australia & New Zealand’s largest Online Travel Agency. As a significant commercial and travel hub, Dubai was carefully selected as a base from which to connect with thousands of travel businesses throughout the Middle East & Africa.

They provide a simplified business-to-business solution that places the broadest range of hotel rooms on sale worldwide to the hands of their partners, promptly, every day.

Lots of Hotels sources content from multiple suppliers and via direct contracts with global hotel chains and independent properties worldwide.

The aim is to position Lots of Hotels as a favorite supplier through building long lasting partnerships with travel companies who value the offer of a wide range of choices and content brought to them via an efficient, user friendly, reliable interface.

Leveraging Webjet’s existing hotel aggregation model and leading technology, another aim is that Lots of Hotels wants to be able to offer the most extensive inventory in the region with over one million hotel rooms on sale worldwide, every night