Juniper steps up commitment to the Travel Industry

The Tourism Industry faces the greatest challenge in its history.

The concern of the sector is understandable. But within the uncertainty, only one thing is clear: no matter how long the night, the day is sure to come. And that day will come sooner than later, so the great family of Tourism must be prepared.

A crisis is always followed by a period of opportunity and growth. So now is the time to stock up on resources to respond to the new challenges that await when everything is over and the path to prosperity is back on track.

Tourism is still very far from maxing out. It is an unstoppable activity and the number of travellers will continue to grow. Once this fix is over, opportunities will open in both issuing and receiving new markets. People, more than ever, will be keen to travel and rediscover the world.

Why is now the time to invest in Technology?

Technology is the best partner to strengthen the future of the business and place it on the front starting line. Those who have an advanced and globally interconnected booking system will benefit from a considerable advantage in the new setting. Those who do not will lose the opportunity to strengthen or improve their market positioning.

Points to consider:

  • Between the start of the project and the delivery of the Booking Engine, there is a period of development, after which the crisis will have predictably ended.
  • As it is a Global Industry, the recovery will be faster thanks to the positive synergies between all the countries.
  • With less mobility and more teleworkers, customers will perform more travel searches on the Internet, making Booking Engine online solutions essential tools.
  • The business adapts and continues. Companies are applying flexible trade policies, such as free change of booking dates. Last minute bookings will also increase, as happened after 9/11 or the SARS pandemic.
  • The Juniper Booking Engines are scalable and allow adjusting their modules, features and connectivity to the requirements of companies at all times.

As a leader in Travel Technology, Juniper firmly believes that this situation will be overcome through unity and the joint work of all tourism professionals in the world.

In such exceptional circumstances, Juniper steps up commitment to the Tourism Industry, offering equally exceptional conditions so that companies are equipped with the best Technology and are prepared to return to the path of prosperity.

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