Juniper Travel Technology adds Juniper Experiences by NexusTours to its corporate structure

Juniper Travel Technology adds Juniper Experiences by NexusTours to its corporate structure

Juniper Travel Technology creates a new experiences vertical by combining its technology and that of NexusTours

Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain, November 2, 2023 – Juniper Travel Technology, a leader in providing technological solutions for the tourism sector, has announced today the closure of the partnership with NexusTours, the premier receptive service, to launch into the market the new division, Juniper Experiences by NexusTours.

This pioneering collaboration revolutionizes the Travel Industry with the new destination experiences vertical provided from the origin of the product. The division combines Juniper’s best technology for the tourism industry and NexusTours’ experience in providing receptive services, experiences, and mobility.

Juan Mateos, General Manager of Juniper, comments: “The addition of Juniper Experiences by NexusTours to our business portfolio represents a significant step in our growth strategy. The objective of our project with NexusTours is to build on the great success we have both achieved in the tourism sector. Our cooperation and alliance is part of our strategy to remain the leading travel technology solutions company and adds to our product portfolio the technology and experience of a highly specialized and knowledgeable destination services team. This exciting addition represents an important milestone for our company and further strengthens our position as a leader in the travel technology industry.”

“The synergy between both companies has the potential to redefine the market,” says Rubén Gutiérrez, President of NexusTours. “At NexusTours, we have always had a clear vision of growth and innovation. I can’t imagine a better ally than Juniper to carry out this shared vision: our DNA converges in dynamism, innovation, and a deep commitment to both growth and our customers. This collaboration, which we have firmly established since 2017, is the manifestation of two companies ready to redefine experiences and mobility in the travel industry. This alliance is not just a step towards the future; it is the foundation of a revolutionary model that we aspire to build together, for all our partners, DMCs, and experience and mobility providers.”

About Juniper Travel Technology 

Juniper Travel Technology is the leading global travel technology company providing best-in-class online solutions for travel companies through its divisions Juniper TravelTech, Juniper Cangooroo, Juniper Airline Vacations, Juniper Cruises by IST and the new addition Juniper Experiences by NexusTours. Its platforms are flexible, modular and adaptable to the needs of each business.

With 20 years of experience in the sector, Juniper Travel Technology has more than 270 Clients who already trust in its technology. In addition, it has the broadest connectivity portfolio in the market, with more than 440 XML integrations with external Suppliers.

Its team of more than 250 professionals is highly specialized and committed to providing the highest quality service to its Clients and Suppliers. Thanks to this, it has experienced a great growth in the market in recent years.

About NexusTours

For over 25 years, NexusTours has established itself as the premier Destination Management Company (DMC) in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. They operate in 19 countries and 52 destinations. Their unwavering dedication to creating remarkable experiences has enabled them to proficiently oversee more than 1,450 transportation routes, offer more than 2,500 distinctive activities, and provide access to an impressive 3,800 hotel accommodations. Additionally, they’ve expanded their repertoire with the recent introduction of Car Rental services.

With a New Service Promise based on technology, the human touch of their Local Experts and a model of excellence, Nexus offers a new digital customer experience at destination, through the implementation of the Experiences Hub (XHub), the 24/7 service of Virtual Concierges, and an Omnichannel communication with their customer. They had also implemented innovative tools such as the Airport Transfer Pass (ATP) and the Chatbot service, which contributes on providing a faster, easier and simpler service.

For their travel partners, NexusTours offers seamless XML integrations through state-of-the-art APIs, promoting efficient collaboration. Additionally, the company collaborates with over 1,500 leading Travel Partners across Latin America, Mexico, North America, and Europe. These partners can easily connect either via these integrations or by registering on the NexusTours Travel Partner Portal.

At its heart, for NexusTours, travel is more than just a journey; it’s about crafting unforgettable moments and comprehensive solutions in mobility and experiences.

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