II Sales & Marketing Team Week, a global experience

Juniper headquarters in Palma de Mallorca have hosted the II Sales & Marketing Team Week between September 16 and 20.

This event has brought together the international sales team of Juniper and Cangooroo, that counts on eleven Sales Directors spread all over the world.

In addition, Werner Heilbrun and William Matsuguma, from the Juniper office in São Paulo, participated.

This edition has had prestigious speaker Marcus Perez, Executive Vice President of Picis. Marcus has shared his experience and leadership with the Juniper team in two intense days of training.

Representatives of the Departments of Project Management & Training, Development, IT Systems and Product Management have also intervened to present the latest developments in their respective areas.

The work of the II S & MTW has focused on the improvement of processes and the use of synergies to share ideas, solutions and keys to specific cases.

All focused on increasing the productivity and efficiency of the commercial efforts of the team.

IIS&MTW photo gallery

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