Cyberlogic joins Juniper TravelTech’s XML connections portfolio

New Cyberlogic integration available in Juniper TravelTech XML connection portfolio

Juniper TravelTech has expanded its portfolio of XML connections to include Cyberlogic, a travel company that provides Juniper TravelTech Clients with the opportunity to connect with various DMCs that distribute direct hire products in different destinations.

Cyberlogic has earned a solid reputation in the travel industry. Its in-house team of highly trained professionals provides personalised support before, during and after the sale, ensuring high quality services. Their commitment to grow together with their clients and partners in different markets allows them to share the latest trends and best practices to help them develop and optimise their business.

Thanks to this integration, Juniper TravelTech Clients will be able to access products directly contracted by Cyberlogic DMCs, at highly competitive prices and with guaranteed availability.

With a presence in 18 countries and offering products in 125 destinations, Cyberlogic stands out for its hotel product offering directly contracted by DMCs worldwide.

This cooperation between Juniper TravelTech and Cyberlogic marks an important milestone in the travel industry, giving Juniper TravelTech customers access to a wide range of high quality products and services.

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