Quality Travel

Quality Travel, Juniper Client
Tour Operators / Wholesalers

Made up of a professional team highly specialised in the products they offer, Quality Travel is a Tour Operator dedicated to satisfying all the concerns of their clients to help them improve their sales in an effective way. Backed by a deep knowledge of the market, they have accumulated 30 years of experience serving passengers in the field of incoming tourism.

The company prides itself on its long history and the loyalty of clients who have operated with them for over 25 years, which serves as a testament to the responsibility taken and the service excellence provided. For travel agents, Quality Travel offers a complete set of services to meet the needs of passengers travelling to Argentina, as well as Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Quality Travel stands out for its online booking system, built with the latest XML technology. This system also has an intelligent file assembly, shopping basket that includes hotels, transfers, tours, show packages and flights, as well as an online CHAT service for assistance and the automatic option to send newsletters with news and promotions. As an example of their reach, in Buenos Aires, they have free sales and allotments in more than 200 hotels.