Destination Management Company (DMC) Online Travel Agency (O.T.A.)

PANAMERICANA DE VIAJES, is a travel agency that operates since 1982, and specializes in planning and organizing trips in Colombia and abroad.

Under the TURIVEL brand, the company offers tourist services at a national and international level, selling tickets, hotels, transfers, excursions and everything related to tourism directed to the local market for your National and International trips.

The services of PANAMERICANA DE TRAVEL DMC are aimed at Foreign Tourism wholesalers, Incentive Houses or Event Organizers. Its objective is to advise tourism wholesale operators agencies so that they know the best experiences they can live in Colombia and offer their clients.

They have an online booking platform where the Wholesalers can make quotes and bookings of hotels, services of Transfers and Toures; all the inventory of the platform is highly competitive and adapts to the needs of each of the 500 hotels that are part of their portfolio in Colombia, so the same service of transfers and tourism is carried out in vehicles of PANAMERICANA DE VIAJES.

The best options to buy, the cheapest accounts, the best offers, the providers of services for most important suppliers, and the channels that can be accessed at the dynamic hotel rates that guarantee a wide range of products, promotions and availability. competitive prices.