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Trinidad and Tobago
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Krystal Tours Limited was established in 1995 to manage charters operating non stop services POS-NYC-POS during peak periods which developed into a scheduled weekly year round programme from November 1999 – January 2008. They have partnered with Air Canada, Pan American World Airways, BWIA International, American Trans Air, North American Airlines and Bahamas Air in providing low cost air travel to the Caribbean and North America.

In December 2002 Krystal Tours pioneered very successful non stop services from Trinidad to Ft.Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida. Currently Krystal Tours operate from four fully automated strategic locations in Trinidad.

As a tour operator they also specialize in vacation packages and during 2008 – 2011 they operated Charters to Nassau, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Cartagena, St. Maarten, Punta Cana, Curacao and Aruba. They currently operate on a year round basis Charter Flights to the island of Margarita, Venezuela.

Over the years the Company has become known for its stability, integrity and commitment to ensuring that the travel experience enjoyed by all passengers is second to none. They have adapted to the many challenges in the industry thereby ensuring their loyal and dedicated clients always receive value for their money.