Business Intelligence

Make sound business decisions based on real and accurate information that resides in the database of your solution.

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Business Intelligence

  • You can compare time periods, different products from different Suppliers, sales behavior of your clients and view graphically different comparative data.
  • With a simple, user friendly and intuitive interface, you will have access to all the data, for easy study and understanding.
  • Dive into the detail of your own data and discover trends, and other information which helps you decide on courses of action, always based on real information.
  • We can create the reports that you specifically need, and receive scheduled reports.
  • You can access the module at any time, through mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.


Benefits of the new BI:

  • In-House tool developed by Juniper
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Possibility of configuring your own report mailing automatically.
  • Works in multiple platforms (tablets, ipad, etc…)
  • We have the control over all the programming
  • Multiuser at no extra charge
  • Powerful Excel Module
  • Design your own reports to work with Excel will be within user’s control and the user will have flexibility in adding new fields when available in the dataware house.
  • In order to do this we provide users with the OLAP cubes so that they may design their reports and take advantage of the most used tool in the market: Microsoft Excel.
  • In each report you will have an Excel suggestion developed by Juniper that will be used as a guide for its future customization.