Arabian Travel Corner

Online Travel Agency (O.T.A.)

ATC is an online travel agency that allows to book hotels, cruises, activities, travel packages, flights and car rentals.

“I followed my passion, that’s how ATC started. I grew up to love travel, seeing it as a “mind expander” and a way to understand other cultures.” Says ATC CEO.

In 2018, ATC travel agency was made up of passionate entrepreneur, who was eager to share his love for exploration and adventure with others and he succeeded in turning his passion into a profession, and building a community of trustworthy information

In a period of 20 years, they have become a world leading company for travel and tourism with hundreds of travel-loving teammates working across KSA, Egypt, Lebanon, and from around the globe, who invest their 15 years extensive expertise and market know how in the corporate travel and hotel industries to drive the company into the future.